Elysa Goldman

New York, NY
Elysa Goldman works as a real estate developer for Extell Development Company, where she oversees the planning, development, marketing and sales of several large scale residential projects in Manhattan. Prior to joining Extell, Elysa worked for international real estate developers in the United States, Europe, and Australia. She is originally from Denver, Colorado and received a B.A. from Dartmouth College. She is involved with several local philanthropies, is an active member of her shul, and learns Torah with a study partner once a week. She has been involved with JICNY since moving to New York City five years ago, and it has been a critical part of her finding a strong Jewish connection in the City. She is excited to be on the JICNY Emerging Leadership Board and the JICNY Meeting of the Minds, helping to play a role in the growth of the organization. I discovered JICNY five years ago when I first moved to New York. Being from Denver, Colorado, and spending the past eight years in Texas, I was excited to be in a new city, but not sure where to start in terms of meeting new friends and creating a home. After looking into several young professional organizations in New York, I found that the classes and events offered by JICNY were incredibly diverse - from classes on dating insights and Torah to Shabbat dinners and holiday parties. And through the diverse content, I met amazing Jews from every background and from countless countries. One single organization brought us all together. I am honored to be a member of the Emerging Leadership Board, to give back to an incredible organization that creates a warm, welcoming environment for all Jews. Thank you JICNY for allowing me to thrive in this great city and establish the building blocks for my new home.