What we do

The full gamut of Jewish experiences across the U.S. and Israel

Whether you are new to the city, interested in developing your personal and professional networks, or looking for uplifting Jewish educational and experiential programming, it all begins at JIC

A soft landing in a new city

As a gateway into the Jewish experience and the first point of contact for individuals relocating to cities across the U.S. and Israel, we provide new arrivals with the resources and opportunities to connect with their Jewish neighbors, actively join the local community, and engage with Jewish observance at an optimal personal level.

Meeting life partners

JIC provides Jewish singles with opportunities to meet life partners through a Jewish dating website and a wide range of cultural events, including cooking classes, wine tasting, and gallery openings. The results speak for themselves: so far, 115 matches were made through our programs.

Enhancing your professional network

As both new residents and veterans greatly benefit from developing and constantly refreshing a deep contact list, JIC offers a wide range of networking opportunities to help you forge personal and professional relationships with likeminded individuals. Here are some of the networking events we offer.

Shabbat & Holiday Dinners

Our fun & unique Shabbat & Holiday dinners are anything but typical! Meet young internationals from around the world. Make a new best friend. Find a new roommate. Meet host families from your community. Our dinners include great conversation, fascinating people, delicious cuisine and plenty of L’chaims! JIC Dinners run monthly so make sure to catch the next one!


A popular multi-tiered weekly learning platform on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, including a Torah class led by Steve Eisenberg and other engaging Torah and Jewish history lectures and relationship classes offered in English, Spanish, French and Russian.

Heritage Trip

Our JIC Heritage Trips combines meaningful vacation with Jewish connection. Travel and tour the Jewish communities in Morocco, Poland, Dubai, Sri Lanka, Israel and more! Our kosher trips are packed with solid adventure and activities!
Our supporters and friends play a vital role in enabling us to meet our goal – ensuring that Jews are not left behind, while fostering their connection with Jewish identity. With your help, we will strengthen the community, create new and lasting connections, and kindle the flame of Jewish life.

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