Jaime Kobin

Although I grew up on Long Island, I was one of just a few Jews in my public school. My synagogue was my family’s second home. My parents were on countless committees, and my sister and I participated in activities (Hebrew school, youth group and mitzvah projects) several days per week. I first visited Israel at age 15 as part of a summer teen tour, but my small immediate family had little personal connection to the country. By my early 30s, I yearned to return. Right around that time, someone I knew asked if I would be interested in a trip to Israel. Enter Steve Eisenberg and Alisa Adler-Landau. Six days later, I was on a plane with a group of people I didn’t know. It was the most spontaneous thing I had ever done. I made lasting friendships and reconnected to Israel, but I returned to New York with more questions than answers. I attended Steve’s Monday night classes. Generous UWS families hosted me for Shabbat dinners. The following year I returned to Israel two more times. I left my former career in corporate events planning and business operations/management to launch my financial services practice. Today I help individuals, families and business owners to mitigate risk, accumulate wealth and reach a variety of financial goals. I am grateful for the opportunities Steve, Jodi and Gavin have provided for me to learn, socialize and grow my business. I have served as coordinator for the JICNY networking group, and I’m currently a member of the Emerging Leadership Board. I love to meet people from around the world and participate in Jewish activities.

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