Alex Sokoletsky

Alex Sokoletsky is a seasoned business and technology executive. Alex has a unique skill set of growing and running companies. He is a Managing Partner at New Logic Technology, a company that designs and develops mobile apps, web applications, software products and provides digital marketing services. And a Founder of Bridge17Startups a company focused on helping startups grow. Previously Alex has worked in hedge funds, private equity funds, and technology companies. He serves on a number of advisory boards helping startups and non-profit organizations. Alex immigrated from Ukraine at the age of 15 and realized how important it’s to feel at home in a new country and the value of a vibrant community. He strongly believes in developing a strong Jewish community that is engaged and shares common values. Alex believes that having great relationships in life is the most important determinant of human happiness and wants to help others connect and build lifelong relationships. JICNY is a perfect example of such a community.