Tom Weiss

Tom Weiss was born into Congregation Bnai Jeshurun and raised on the Westside of Manhattan, in a progressive, politically active family. Tom wanted to see Israel from left to right politically and religiously, so he could make his own decisions, so he went to Bravender's HaMivtar Yeshiva in Efrat & Aish HaTorah in the Old City of Jerusalem. He began to keep Shabbat, while working with the French to head english productions at ISRA-TV, in broadcasting.

Tom went to Butler University for Radio/TV & New Media, beginning his broadcast career, and was the voice of Maccabiah 'Jewish Olympic' games in Israel. He also put a lot of time into creating a television network connectively named the American Israel Broadcasting Company -- AIBC-TV, and doing many voice-overs throughout Israel.

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Tom has performed in Broadway shows, sung in the Great Synagogue Choir, The Chazzanut Institute Choir, and The Tel Aviv International Synagogue, while playing on Israel's National softball team, running marathons, and active in many Jewish organizations.

He loves opening his home in Jerusalem for JICNY, & delightfully being involved in many of Jodi & Gavin's efforts. His JICNY events include 'The Media and Israel', to front desk at the annual dinners, lighting the Chanukiah, making Kiddush, singing the music of Shabbat and learning Torah Monday nights with the dynamic Steve Eisenberg and a diverse group of international Jews...

While in New York, Tom is acting in various television series and doing many voice-overs on-the-ground and for Israel, such as his recent award winning narration of 'Masada' and he's looking for a terrific agent.