Seth Weiser

New York, USA
I was born in Dix Hills, NY. I was raised with a half Sephardic and half Ashkenazi background, so I’d say I am traditional Sephardic; Iraqi to be exact. After graduating from George Washington University, I worked as a trader for several major New York stock and commodity exchanges. In 2006, I volunteered at an army base for the IDF during the Second Lebanon war. I stayed for the duration of the war because I feel that it is the responsibility of all Jews to do their best to defend Israel, not just the ones who live there. JICNY has made a difference in my life and many other people I know by showing the importance of Judaism through religious and cultural ways in their programs. I never had an experience as I did at the last JICNY Shabbat dinner where people from 20 different countries were all singing the same song together, in our holy language. It was incredible. We just all melted into one unit, one people. Today, I am Director of Business development and Kosher Wine expert at 67 Wine & Spirits I am proud to say that we carry the largest selection of Kosher wine in the City, outside of Israel. In 2011, I made Aliyah, but because of my business in America, I still live here. I am also involved with another project in Israel, namely, opening a new Kosher winery in the Negev. I feel that it is a great joy and privilege to be able to work with the Jewish people and my local community. I am very excited to be part of the JICNY family and actively involved with many other Jewish organizations in New York City.