Michael Katina

Belo Horizonte, Brazil
I was born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. My father is a holocaust survivor from Hungary and was taken to Aushwitz in 1944. My Mothers parents escaped from Germany and arrived in Brazil in 1937. In my home town we have a few sinagogues and Jewish schools where I was sent to. I studied also in a Chabad Yeshiva during high school and went to Bar-Ilan University in Israel where I studied Economics. Brazil is still a good country for Jews and we have freedom to practice Judaism. I am a toy manufacturer. I met Jodi and Steve when they begun JICNY and have since attended several events and activities. I find JICNY an amazing organization for both foreigners and Americans alike. I made so many new friends thru JICNY! I am always looking forward to new events and meeting new people from all over the world.