David Bratslavsky

Georgia Soviet Republic
David Bratslavsky is Managing Partner at IMB Wealth Technology, where he provided technology and intelligence consulting. Previously he was Executive Director of the US Israel Business Council and worked as an analyst at a venture capital fund. He is a graduate of The George Washington University. In his spare time he participates in JICNY events as a member of the Emerging Leadership Board. "For many people, myself included, coming to New York required making new friends, becoming part of a community, and connecting to Jewish values on a busy schedule. Each of these things are hard enough on their own. Somehow JICNY manages to enable all three. It's where I found great friends, Shabbat meals, outdoor activities, holiday plans, that have made my living in New York fun and meaningful. I also like that JICNY is almost entirely volunteer driven, so that whenever I have an opportunity to contribute to JICNY either with time or financially, I know the contribution is well spent."