Chavi Rosenfeld

New York City
Chavi Rosenfeld is a clinical psychology intern and pediatric occupational therapist. Transitioning between careers, she is both grateful for the opportunities she has been blessed with by way of switching careers and familiar with the stressors of change and transition, relating to immigrants and foreign students, both of whom are integral to the JIC community. Chavi was initially introduced to JIC by a close friend who attended Steve's weekly class as well as JIC's various social and networking events. Although a native New Yorker, Chavi appreciated the community and variety of growth and networking opportunities JIC provided and continues to provide for young Jewish professionals, both native to New York and from around the world. Getting to know both Jodi and Steve better over the years and experiencing the appreciation and admiration for their tireless efforts to continue to grow and serve the JIC community, she was ultimately inspired to get involved and joined the ELB in an effort to contribute as well.