Steve Feldman

Private Prep, Inc.
Founder & Educational Director
151 Stanton Street, Suite 3C, New York, NY 10002
BA from Emory University, Currently Attending NYU for Masters in Education
What can you offer: 
Private Prep is a distinctive in-home tutoring service offering individually customized lessons for students in a wide range of K-12 subjects and standardized test prep. Our tutors are experienced, passionate, and highly qualified educators. In addition to a track record of improving grades and increasing test scores, our tutors have a knack for connecting with students on a personal level and appreciate that their role transcends academics. Be it help with grasping a difficult concept, building confidence for standardized tests or unlocking important study skills and organization techniques, we make the tutoring process fun and effective
Hidden Talents: 
Breakfast Chef, Tennis, and the ability to make people smile!
What are you most proud of: 
My family, My friends, & My decision to leave the corporate world to start my own business doing something I love!