Stacey Katz-Slone


I work “behind the scenes” at the JICNY preparing emails, marketing and database administration.

I was born in Atlanta, Georgia (USA). My parents are restaurant owners and both my sister and I “grew up” in the restaurant and catering business in the Atlanta. I graduated college from Florida State University. In my mid-20’s, I wanted to explore the world. I backpacked through Europe three times and ended up in Israel on a 6-week Aish Hatorah Fellowship trip (today this would be called a Birthright trip). Growing up as a “bagels and lox” Jew and now being exposed to Orthodox Jews and Yiddishkite was one of the greatest and most eye-opening experiences of my life. I fell in love with Israel and the Torah lifestyle and enrolled myself in seminary in Jerusalem.

That 6-week trip became a 3 and half year stay. (Yes, my parents came to Israel to“save me” but today they are proud parents and grandparents!) Today with my husband and 2 small children, we are blessed to be living in the Holyland as new Israeli citizens, for 5 years now. I love waking up every morning and knowing that everyone around me is Jewish! Making Aliyah was one of the best decisions of my life.

I started working for the JICNY in May 2012. I am so excited to be working for such an incredible organization that gives so much back to the Jewish community. The JICNY is such a dynamic place to work. There are so many programs happening all the time. The calendar is well-designed to give every person their own “flavor” of Judaism. And as a stay-at-home mom I am grateful to be working abroad from my home computer. So thank you to the JICNY team, Jodi, Gavin and Steve and for all who participate at the JICNY for supporting a family in Israel and for the opportunity to work for such an excellent and worthy cause!