Shai Canaan

I think JICNY is like the Riverside Park of Jewish organizations in NYC, a place to go to when I need a break from the same. It has a waterfront (foreign Jews & friends), great walking trails (parties and dinners), secret beautiful spots (Jewish classes), and it is 3 blocks to the left (3 blocks to the left). Being a friend of JICNY for 4 years now, I keep coming back for the all around enriching experience it provides in a most comfortable welcoming atmosphere. I was first introduced to JICNY on a date; she told me she just came back from a kabbalah class where the teacher helped her interpret her dream. I went to check it out the next Monday night class and never left (sometimes I leave, but I keep coming back). Growing up in Israel was magnificent. I was raised in a traditional and grounded Zionistic family. I biked to school, had great friends, loved the Israeli fruits, summers at the beach, dog in the back yard, nature trips & historical hikes, and the constant reminder that we were (and are) a country of Jews under constant attack. That last one, made me live with a hand on the pulse and a clear understanding of who I was. I was a Magen David Adom EMT volunteer and it further sharpened the values I had towards fellow people and life. One sunny day, my family decided to move to the land of “In God We Trust” (specifically Miami Beach), I instantly found myself a purposeful guy in a purposeless world. It was a great experience to learn to direct my energies from nation building philosophies back in the Middle East, to becoming a Yeshiva University student in NY and coping with snow, subways, gefilte fish and Shabbat songs. After graduate school in Florida I chose to move to NY to hopefully find someone special and enjoy this wonderful colorful and real city. I currently work as Information Technology manager of operations and networks for a logistics company. I specialize in security and I am in charge of making the world a safer place for tens of thousands of boxes filled with cosmetics, apparel, pharmaceutical, electronics, and other secret products. I love running, sports, scuba diving, photography that makes the eyes think. I will take a minute of silence now to lecture to anyone willing to listen that although the human body is a reflection of the Creator and that sports are fun, glorifying sports to the extent the Olympics do belongs to the philosophy of people I don’t want to be part of. Especially when they refuse the human element of making a point to remember the slain Israeli athletes. Anyway in my book, JICNY gets a gold medal!