Sabrina Michael

I discovered JICNY by accident while surfing the internet one summer night and I was immediately intrigued by this community for Jewish "gypsies" like me who come from all over the world. My family moved from Azerbaijan to Israel to Munich, Germany just before I was born, and I attended American and international schools there until we moved to Prague when I was 16. I later I left home to attend the American University of Paris. I moved to New York City five years ago to fulfill my dream of living here. I have a career at a PR agency located downtown on the 36th floor of a building that provides sweeping views of the city - a constant reminder of where I've landed. I love living here and can't see myself moving anywhere else anytime soon. My first JICNY event was Rosh Hashanah dinner at Jodi and Gavin's in 2010 which was so much fun. I also attended Steve's wonderful Monday night classes for almost a year, followed by Yoni's addictive Kabbalah classes. As you can imagine, there aren't many Jews in Germany and so it's been great learning so much about Judaism and getting involved in the community here. I am grateful for how welcome Steve and others at the JINCY have made me feel so welcome in such a big city.