Ronen Elrom

was born in Israel, and grew up there very connected to my friends and family. I spent 7 years in the Israeli Army, receiving computer programming training I truly value from Mamram and serving as an Officer in the Air Force. After the Army, I worked for some terrific technology firms, but always had the dream of living for a few years in New York City to try and absorb a different mentality. Four years ago, I found a position at a start-up company in the NY area, but perhaps the more "permanent" position I found was as a husband to my American wife, Wendy. Being Jewish was something that connected Wendy and I from the start. Our Jewish heritage furthered our relationship, as it was during a trip to Israel--Wendy's first--that I think we first saw the true potential of our relationship. Celebrating both of our cultures, we were fortunate enough to have two weddings: one in the U.S. and one in Israel (which some might see as a double headache!). smile emoticon We now live on the Hudson River in Weehawken, NJ, with a fantastic view of the city. I am a partner at an exciting start-up, GoPlanit (, consulting a few other companies and looking for my next full time venture. When I'm not working, though, I enjoy my other passions: photography ( and time with my wife. JICNY has been an amazing resource for me since I arrived in New York. I have greatly appreciated the outstanding lectures and other events they organize and sponsor. I am grateful to have JICNY as a way to connect with the Jewish community in New York, strengthening existing relationships I have with other "Sabras" and making new friends.