Oren L. Adler

FAir Lawn,NJ
Growing among the enclave of Israelis in Fair Lawn, NJ, I spoke and heard only Hebrew until I was five years old. Although I did not serve in the IDF, I always straddled the identity crisis of calling myself Israeli or American; culturally I have a stronger affiliation with Israel and Israelis. I went to college in Boston, lived there for ten years and finished an MBA before returning to NYC. In NYC I met my wife and found a great job, but I wanted to give back to the community. After I passed the CPA exam and joined my father’s accounting practice, I knew I needed to network and grow the practice. I found BNI but had no kinship there. Then I found the JICNY Networking group. I wanted to get more involved and eventually I became the President of the JICNY Networking group. The networking group offers kinship and camaraderie in addition to seasoned professionals who refer leads to grow your business. I have also enjoyed a many meals at Jodi & Gavin’s home and personal friendships with many who are involved in the JICNY. Thank you JICNY for everything that you have helped me achieve!