Nissim Sade

Shalom, my name is Nissim, which means miracles. I have 4 brothers and 4 sisters and I’m the youngest. I was raised in an religious family in Netanya. All of our family has served in the Israeli army and for many years we had 4 siblings serving at the same time. I graduated from Tel Aviv University and I worked for many years at the JCC in Israel. I moved from Israel to NYC a year ago. One of my goals is to help to Israelis to find ways to go back to Israel. I'm life and business coach. I coach in Hebrew and focus on Israelis that live in New York. I can bring people to define what they want in life. I know that we have lots of Israelis that are confused about where we should be? When I arrived to New York I knew only one person in this big city. This guy told me you should go to this networking in the morning. This turned out to be the JICNY networking group. So I went to the networking group and I meet with Jodi, who then opened her heart and soul to me and offered all the help that I might need. This was powerful. I felt proud that Jewish people can support each other in this way. To be part of JICNY makes me understand how important it is to be here for each other. I know now that I always have family here in New York that I can lean on if I will need to. This is all about brotherhood and ahavat chinam (loving freely).