Maya Ben-Bassat

Tel Aviv,Israel
While I was born in Tel Aviv, spent all of my childhood to early-adulthood summers in Israel, and was raised speaking Hebrew in an Israeli (traditional) home, I grew up deep-in-the-heart-of-Texas (Houston). Despite the fact that I've lived longer in the US than in Israel, I still consider myself Israeli-American. I went to undergrad at the University of Texas in Austin, and received an MA in marketing from Emerson College in Boston. Following graduate school, I lived in NYC for a short period, but then moved back to Houston for a job opportunity. Seeking a change of scenery, I decided to relocate back to NYC this past summer. I fortunately found a new job quickly, working as a marketing manager for a major professional staffing and solutions firm. Interested in becoming as active in the Jewish community as I had been in Houston, and following the advice of friends, I added my email to the JICNY mailing list in October. After receiving the first email, I decided to try out a Monday night class. Since then, I have been to other classes, a Shabbat dinner, and a cooking class. JICNY has afforded me the opportunities of attending really fantastic events, and meeting equally fantastic people. I look forward to attending future events, and becoming more active with JICNY.