JICNY Newsletter, August 2016

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You are JICNY's lifeblood.  When our volunteer-driven organization launched a matching fundraising campaign this summer to sustain our programming, within days, you helped us reach our goal. Without your generosity, JICNY could not continue. Our donors come from within our organization because you understand the tremendous value we bring to our ever-changing community. 


I want to share with you some information on the important plans JICNY has in the coming months.  Our Emerging Leadership Board , led by Dan Davidson & Stephanie Dahan, is planning a special Shabbat dinner for late fall and a high profile networking event. 


JICNY will enter its 17th year in December, and we are looking for a handful of individuals to sponsor some unique ways to celebrate.  Please check out ‘Sponsorship Opportunities’ in this newsletter.  This is a great way to honor an individual’s accomplishments or memorialize a loved one.


As the summer slowly winds down and we begin to prepare for Elul, I am reflecting on all of the great JICNY events we have had thus far this year, and all of our future programs where our JICNY community comes together.  In the words of Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, “Community is society with a human face- the place where we know we’re not alone.”


Jeff Stier

JICNY Board Chairman






JICNY programs over the past 10 months of 5776 received great feedback from our participants.  Our programs will continue thanks to the support we received for our recent matching fundraising campaign!


Our Connections group (for individuals 35-50) in New York painted beautiful ceramic pieces during our pottery event, and sushi and wine was enjoyed by everyone who attended our White Party in June. We are looking forward to expanding our Connections programming in 5777 and there will be a special membership offered (scroll down in this newsletter for more details). 


We are grateful to our donors that we were able to offer subsidized Pesach meals to our

participants and together remember the Exodus from Egypt. Our Shabbat meals have been and continue to be the place to meet old and new friends.  In April, we were able to add monthly Entrepreneur Shabbat Dinners with J.R. Rothstein to our extensive ongoing Shabbat programming - they have been sold out shortly after registration opens.  Also, a special thanks to the non-profit organization One Table for sponsoring a New to NY Shabbat event held in the spring.


We are looking forward to our annual rafting event later this month for our Links group (indivudals 25-40).  Last year's trip was quite the adventure down the Delaware River; we hope you will join us on Sunday, August 21st (sign up here).


JICNY continues to be known as the place everyone, Internationals and Americans alike, go to when you are new to New York and Jerusalem.  As we get ready for the month of Elul, we hope you will remember the positive impact of JICNY in your life and will continue to be an active member and supporter in the year ahead.


Jodi & Gavin Samuels and Steve Eisenberg





Connections White Party

JICNYs Connection group (ages 35-50) welcomed the summer with a fantastic "White Party" on June 30th with Sushi & Wine on the terrace.  Check out JICNY Connections events here.




Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Stay tuned for more details



Sponsorship Opportunities

Please help us bring in 5777 and also celebrate JICNY’s 17th Year by sponsoring one of these unique opportunities.  Please contact Julie at julie@jicny.com


Ambassador Program – New to NY

Arriving in New York from abroad without a support system can be very daunting.  JICNY would like to reinstitute its Ambassador Program, where current JICNY members becoming ambassadors and are paired with individuals similar in ethnic background who are just arriving in NY; the ambassadors help them acclimate to their new surroundings and together they attend JICNY events targeted for new to NY arrivals.


Scholarships – for people to attend JICNY events at highly subsidized rate

JICNY is often called the home away from home for international young professionals in their 20s and 30s. Often these individuals are under financial constraints as they begin their lives in New York. Millennials repeatedly complain of being locked out of Jewish life because they cannot afford to engage and when people are new to the city it is so important that we build their Jewish community connections. JICNY would like to offer twenty scholarships which are passports to events. Each passport of $500 to be given out based on financial need.


Jewish Heritage & Israel Trips

Trips would target post birthright participants.  A trip to Israel would be to explore Startup Nation and Israeli Cuisine.  Jewish Heritage trips would be cultural trips to Berlin or Poland.  Trips are typically $2500 per person before the flight which is too steep for young professionals. 


JICNY would offer stipends to make it more feasible for individuals to sign up for these amazing trips led by the JICNY founders.


Connections VIP Membership for 5777

We are glad to be offering our Connections group (ages 35-50) a special VIP membership for the new Jewish year that will begin in October.  The membership fee will make it feasible to continue JICNY Connections Programming throughout the year.

Membership will be $72 for the year and will include:


- Advance notification about Connection events - at least 3 days before the event opens to the general public and given priority registration

- Discount code to a selected group of Kosher restaurants in NYC

- Invitation to a special one-hour lecture & wine gathering with a special guest speaker in the winter

- A special book on the Jewish holidays

-Stay tuned for more information on how to become a Connections Member.

Upcoming JICNY Programs

 August 8 Mon Night Classes @MJE

 August 12 Commonweath Shabbat Dinner

 August 13 Saturday Afternoon on the Terrace Class & Social

 August 13 Tish B'Av and Reading of the Megillah Eicha

 August 14 Tish B'Av Program At MJE

 August 21 Annual Rafting Trip

 Sept 10 Saturday Afternoon on the Terrace Class & Social

 Sept 16 Entrepreneur Shabbat Dinner Series (for ages 20s and 30s)

 Sept 25 Jewish Harlem Walking Tour


Jessica Golian,

JICNY participant

I am a Special Education Teacher at a public school in the Upper West Side. I was born and raised in Long Island, NY to parents who emigrated from Iran. Having parents that were fairly new to America, my first language was Farsi. I grew up with the Iranian-Jewish culture and the traditions in my warm and loving home. Being able to speak several languages and being influenced by three different cultures (American, Iranian, and Jewish) always made me feel more comfortable around Internationals. I felt that they too knew what it felt like to be a bit “different.” 

When I first moved to the Upper West Side, I barely knew anyone who lived here, but when I realized there was a Shabbat Across America dinner through JICNY, I signed up to meet other Jewish Young Professionals in the area. I was so excited to find out that JICNY was an organization that had so many Internationals. From that very first dinner, I have made some lasting friendships. I still enjoy attending JICNY events, and meeting people from around the world. 

With all the anti-Semitism in the world today, being a Jew isn’t easy. In the past two years I have become more observant and I am grateful to be able to live in America and have the freedom to observe all aspects of Judaism. My own family had many hardships with being Jewish in Iran, and hearing the Young Professional Internationals at JICNY speak about their current-day hardships with Judaism in their own countries is so inspiring, and really makes me proud to be a Jew.

Steve Eisenberg Job Assistance Board Website

In memory of Walter Eisenberg (z'l)

Steve's job assistance website is a serious job placement site that assists Jews to find jobs that match their skills. 

Click Here to enter the job assistance website.

Chaya Sara Grossman

JICNY Volunteer

I am originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, and I came to New York to study marketing and management at Touro College one and a half years ago. I came here by myself; my family and friends are still in Brazil. Although I feel very lucky that my parents gave me this wonderful opportunity to come to America to study, it is not always easy. Fortunately, I found out about Steve’s class. I have met some wonderful people there and together we learn Torah every Monday. I love the classes and I do my best not to miss a single one! Through Steve’s class, I found JICNY. I have had the opportunity to participate in some very special JICNY Shabbat dinners. I can’t explain how special it is to be in a room filled with other Jews from many different places that come together in New York to celebrate Shabbat.  I really appreciate that there is a place like JICNY where I can connect with my faith and with other like-minded people.  

If you would like to volunteer with JICNY, please click here.

Please visit JICNY programming for more event information.