Jessica Eisenberg

New York City,NY
I'm a local NYC girl, born in Manhattan and raised on Long Island and have lived in various cities including London, Boston and Alicante, Spain. I have called NYC my home for the past ten years. About myself: I live a bit of a dual life. During the week I do actuarial work for the reinsurance unit of a life insurance company. In the evening and on the weekends, I record music and perform under the name 'Jezzy & The Belles.' I play guitar and violin and am very excited to release my debut record, which will come out in early 2011. I will be going on tour to support the record and can't wait to live out my dream of traveling and playing music simultaneously. Even though I'm from NY it is still all too easy to feel like you are a stranger in your own home. It's a city that focuses on trends and glamour whilst steering clear of spirituality and family values. That is why I am very grateful for what JICNY has given me since I have been active with the organization. JICNY provides openness, warmth and an inspirational place for those of us who not only seek it, but need it. Whether it be on a hectic Monday night when I need to unwind with a glass of wine and one of Steve's great lectures, or on Shabbat with new friendly faces and an open home, JICNY has provided me with a deep appreciation for Jewish values and subsequently the courage and support to pursue my dreams.