Jacob Ouaknine,

Casablanca, Morocco
We grew up in a Moroccan modern orthodox family. Memories of growing up in Casablanca will always be white. Coming from a family of 6, my brother and sisters learned to be very dependent upon one other. There is this unspoken respect that travels between us. We all feel responsible for one another without having the need to express or show it. Like in any Jewish family, our parents taught us the many values the Torah has to offer, but there is something more when growing up in Morocco. We inherited the need to respect our parents, elderly and our sages. So kissing my parents hand or head before going away or to thank them when I was given a blessing is absolutely normal to us, although this may be a little strange for a young American child. I hope to teach (please G-d) these traits to my kids but I hope they will truly understand the value and the meaning of “Kibbud Av Va-em" (honoring your father and mother). At 18 yrs of age, I came to the US to begin a career in computers and programming. I met my wife Ziva, who also comes from a Moroccon background, although she grew up in Brooklyn. We started our business together M6IT Consulting which opened in 2011. We provide complete managed IT services, build customized networks and focus on expanding our clienteles' commerce. We live on the Upper West Side and enjoy the many events the JICNY offers. There is a powerful belief in Judaism of “Kol Yisrael Arevim Ze Leze” – that Jews are responsible for one another. To me, JICNY embodies this ideal, which is carried out through the JICNY networking group. Since joining the forum, I have had the pleasure of meeting professionals in other fields and learning about their personal strengths, business strategies and dreams for growing the network. As a member of the network, I am grateful to have gained a new resource for professional and personal direction. I am available to help anyone who can use my guidance to achieve their goals.