Jacob Kimchy

RIshon Letzion, Israel
I am Half Ashkenaz. My mother's family are Polish and came to Palestine on the Exodus, from France. They were sent back to France by the British and found another way to new-born Israel. My father's family are Sephardic, and moved to Israel from Bulgaria. I was raised as a secular Jew, and only kept the tradition of the Jewish holidays. Today, I am a motivational speaker, life coach and author of A New Sunrise, a memoir which details my journey from witnessing the murder of my father from a suicide bomber in Israel. I have survived the unimaginable trauma of terrorism and have found a new path, purpose in life and happiness. I am also the publisher of TLVFaces.com a Jewish lifestyle online magazine. JICNY become a confidante, a family, a happiness and a real home for me. I met the founders of JICNY about 7 years ago and since then I see the way they support and uniting the Jewish community in NY. I have much respect and appreciation for them. My new book called "A New Sunrise: One Man's Inspirational Journey from Surviving The Trauma of Terrorism to a Life of Meaning and Purpose" can be found on Amazon. Or you can visit my website http://www.jacobkimchy.com/