Glenn Hurwitz

My name is Glenn. It is nice to meet you! I am a native of Yonkers, NY, right near Riverdale. I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, where I majored in Psychology. I started coming to Steve's class when they met at MJE, when other people told me there was this great Torah class on Monday Nights. I then followed JICNY to its current 84th street home and continue to enjoy the combination of learning, socializing, and eating-yum yum. Each week, I get a chance to sit and to listen to Steve as he discusses the Parshah and distills life lessons and meaning to be found in it's words. Also, I really like the opportunity to meet Jews from all over the world, to gain a better perspective on the challenges they face, and to appreciate what we have here in this country, especially, in the New York Area. This also connects me (born here) to those Jews from foreign lands. My current vocation includes working on my websites/e-business,,, and, and doing other freelance work. My interests include hanging out with my 2 young nieces (8 and 11), whom I really love, meditation, qigong, alternative health, music and movies, socially responsible business and investing, attending Jewish Classes and Events, reading, ping pong, going to Wave Hill, making tea mixes, perusing health food stores, and Yes, I admit that one of my favorite TV shows is, “So You Think You Can Dance.