Cathy Kadets

New York City
There is no group more welcoming for Jews in New York City than the JICNY. They are beacon when away from home that you can gravitate towards and be welcomed. Throughout the years, I have become a more observant Jewess. So while it's always nice to be home with family for the Jewish holidays, it's not always the best solution if you want to say, keep kosher for Passover or eat in a Sukkah. If not for the JICNY, I would not have a proper place to go for these holidays. Steve, Jodi and Gavin have gone so far out of their way (and in such a joyous manner) to help me in so many ways and make it possible for me to perform mitzvahs. But aside from the great work they do, they have become personal friends who follow-up on my life, root for me in all my endeavors, and make living in NY a home for evey Jew who finds their way here. I think anyone who has come to the JICNY can say the same. I don't think we can thank them enough for everything they do.