Carlebach Shul

The uniqueness of The Carlebach Shul lies in its ability to bring together and inspire a wide spectrum of the Jewish population. The unaffiliated Jew, the modern-orthodox, the traditional Chassid, as well as a host of Scholars-In-Residence all come to pray, sing, dance and learn together in an environment that embodies holiness, spirituality and joy. Through Rabbi Carlebach's inspiration, Friday night has become a time for Jews of all backgrounds to gather at The Carlebach Shul to live the paradise of Shabbos. This legacy is being continued today with fervor and excitement by our spiritual leader, Reb Shlomo's great-nephew, Rabbi Naftali Citron. The synagogue has blossomed into a haven for hundreds of Jews who come every week to live 25 hours of Shabbos bliss. What is the secret of our success?

Our secret is rooted in two fundamental Torah teachings: Neshama Yeseira, a special soul we receive on Shabbos, and Lechem Mishnah, the two loaves of bread we have to Shabbos commemorating the double portion of Manna we received in the desert for Shabbos. Finding the special Shabbos souls who are hungry for G-d (the Neshama Yeseira) and feeding them the double portion (Lechem Mishnah) is our goal. Indeed, in order to reach the lofty goal of a "never-ending Shabbos," The Carlebach Shul, together with its rabbi, is dedicated to bringing Reb Shlomo's Torah teachings to Jews of all backgrounds in an atmosphere of warmth and joy.

Although every day is truly special at the Carlebach Shul, there are certain days and certain events that are a "must" for us. Among the most special times at our synagogue are Selichos night, Hoshanah Rabbah, Simchas Torah, Chanukah, Tu B'Shvat, Purim, our beautiful and touching weekend-long commemoration of Rabbi Shlomo's Yahrzeit, and of our Yom Tov celebrations.

These events are planned with a special love of Yiddishkeit and Klal Yisroel in mind. That's why The Carlebach Shul has become known as the "right place to be," both for those who live in our area and those who travel great distances to be with us on these special occasions. In addition, the Shul sponsors regular Jewish music concerts and Melave Malkas which allow the Jewish community at large to find expression through Jewish music.