Ben Rabizadeh

New York City
JICNY is the destination in New York City to meet and mingle with diverse Jewish young professionals from around the world. This distinct international flavor of JICNY is what makes the organization such an asset to the NYC Jewish community; made only possible by the warm and unending commitment of Jodi and Gavin Samuels. My first experience with JICNY was related to my work as CEO of in 2004 where our marketing staff collaborated with Jodi on a delicious dinner for international Jewish singles in the Upper West Side. Since then, we’ve moved our office from New Jersey, where I grew up, to midtown Manhattan and opened up a second Jewish dating site called The last decade of my life, working first as a pharmacist and then as an internet entrepreneur, has been an interesting story; but easily matched by the stories of JICNY attendees who have often arrived in the country just days earlier. Born in Iran, and self-identified as a Persian Jew, I continue to attend JICNY events and look forward to what my next encounter will bring.