Alana Shultz

Fair Lawn, New Jersey
Hello, I’m Alana. I grew up in Fair Lawn, New Jersey. On my father’s side, I’m a second generation Fair Lawn’er and a 3rd generation American – my Great Grandparents moved to US in the early 20th century from various places in the Old Russian Empire. My mother however, was born in Hamburg, Germany, following the war. Her parents are Holocaust Survivors. They moved to New Jersey in 1950. Though my ancestral roots are from Eastern Europe (pictured here with my grandfather), I’m a proud Jersey girl, happily living in NYC for the past 12 years. I worked as the Program Director of a shul on the Upper West Side of Manhattan for many years and during that time, I was able to work with Steve and his students for Monday night’s class. And for years, I have worked with Jodi co-hosting cultural events and Shabbat meals. I first came to JICNY via Steve. After spending a semester studying in Israel, I was told that when I move to New York, I must find Steve Eisenberg to set me up for Shabbat. I did. I then met Jodi and Gavin and the rest is history. I absolutely love to travel, and love studying about Jewish cultures and foods from around the world. So JICNY has always been a natural fit for me. I was deeply honored to receive the Dedication to Jewish Life Award at the JICNY Gala several years ago.