Advisory Board

Gavin Samuels

Gavin Samuels Gavin shares Jodi’s passion for Jewish connectivity programming and has been involved in various informal Jewish education and outreach programs over the last several decades. At JICNY, Gavin is a behind-the-scenes powerhouse, supporting nearly every organizational function, including the development of Shabbat dinners, providing relationship counseling to JICNY members, and processing credit card transactions. He also teaches a Jewish Philosophy class in Riverside Park during the summer months. A Physician by training, Gavin is currently a Senior Partner at Teva Innovative Ventures

Allen Ganz

Allen Ganz Allen is a Business Development Executive with extensive experience in developing growth strategies for early and mid-stage companies. Earlier in his career, he was involved in developing marketing and business develop-ment solutions for emerging companies in diverse market segments, including biometrics, computer software, multimedia kiosks, pharmaceuticals, solar energy and telecommunications.

Ari Goodman Esq.

Ari Goodman Esq. Ari has been practicing law in New York City for over 16 years and is the principal of the Law Offices of Ari Goodman, representing national corpor-ations, closely held family companies, and individuals. He has been instru-mental in the growth of several charitable and political organizations.

Adam Lewkovitz

Adam Lewkovitz Adam is a certified Project Manager, Business Analyst and Management Consultant with extensive Jewish communal experience from his native Australia.

Alessandra Rovati

Alessandra Rovati A native of Venice, Alessandra resides in New York City with her husband, Lloyd Harmetz, and their young family, and regularly opens her home to young immigrants. She is the founder of, a blog about Kosher Italian Cuisine.